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Regina P Brown


Regina P. Brown, author, instructor, speaker, trainer for the following topics: Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Writing.

Being Broke Is The Key To Success?


By Regina P. Brown


Would you believe that being BROKE can motivate you to work harder, generate more, serve better? It can fuel your fire. Daymond John from the Shark Tank (also Fubu clothing line) interviewed the world's top successful entrepreneurs and business owners who started from NOTHING and created something amazing.


I’ve always been told that “it takes money to make money” and many times business owners fail due to lack of capitalization. Although there are many cases to prove that entrepreneurs need funds to start their venture, passionate people can begin on a shoestring budget.


Without a big bank account, you must be creative and resourceful, pull in people with a track record of success, and find new ways to accomplish the objective. I am constantly asking myself, “What DO I have?” rather than looking at what I don’t have. Sage advice and time-tested grandmotherly wisdom is found in the truism, “Use what you have.”


From the book trailer, here are a few gems:


"When you've got nothing to lose, you've got everything to gain." ~ Daymond John


"Capital isn't the most important ingredient for business any more. It's now creativity and passion." Harly Finkelstein, Shopify


"There will never be a perfect time. There will only be you, making time perfect." ~ Daymond John


On being broke... "You may think it's your biggest weakness, but if you weild it properly, it will definitely be the key to your success." ~ Daymond John


Pre-order for his book release JAN 19th:


Okay friends, let's see if you have a BROKE success story to share?



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