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Publish your first book!


Do you have a message that people need to hear?

Regina P Brown

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See your Book in Print!

Have you always dreamed about writing a book?  Would you love to see your story printed?  Could you see yourself as an author?

It's said that "everyone has at least 1 book inside of them!  Your book can be your life story, it can show people how to do something skillfully, or it can just be fun and creative. 

Why wait?  Queen Bee Publisher, Inc. is now accepting applications for book publishing.  The types of books we publish are:

• Short stories
• How-to guides
• Poems
• Cookbooks
• Biographies
• Novels
• Craft Ideas
• Books for Children
• Textbooks
• Photo albums
• Wedding books
• Memoirs
• Humorous reading
• High Quality Standards

Authors are invited to publish with Queen Bee Publisher by invitation only.  The author’s manuscript must be professionally edited before review.  All wholesome family-friendly content is considered.  Material is subject to publishers review and acceptance.

Find out more:

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