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Publish your first book!


Regina P Brown

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Write By Myself

Young Writers Corner

We created "Write By Myself" for our young authors!  Congratulations on taking your first step to be an author. 

We know you’re a great writer, so why not use your writing skills to print your own book?  Create an only-edition book, of which YOU are the author.

Use your talents and tools to plan, write, and illustrate your new book.  You can keep your book, or you can give it away as a gift.
Our WriteByMyself kit comes with a blank book, composition notebook, pens / pencils / markers / crayons, bookmark, pencil case, book bag, and if applicable, a line guide, book cover, and photo paper.

Get started TODAY while you are excited and the ideas are fresh in your mind.  Have fun and enjoy the process!

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