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Regina P Brown

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Win-Buyer Client

To succeed in your real estate career, you must master 2 critical skills: the listing presentation and the buyer presentation!  Today we’ll learn how to find buyers, screen them, identify the serious buyers, and rank them for follow-up.  We will show you how to close more sales and increase your income by guiding your prospects to closed transactions as happy buyers.

Ready for additional revenue streams?  Want a break from traditional retail sales dealing with consumers & banks?  Think outside the box!  With the U.S. government spending over $500 billion annually for products and services, and virtually no competition from other brokerages, find out how you can tap into a wealth of business opportunities.

Acquiring Government Contracts

More boomers are retiring into senior communities, including manufactured home parks.  Increase your sales by becoming the “go to” expert on mobile and manufactured homes for senior and family parks.  Learn the things that make mobile homes unique and how you can succeed working with the parks.

Manufactured / Mobile homes

Host Open Houses for Fun & Profit

Drive steady buyer traffic straight to your front door!  Meet new prospects who instantly recognize you as the top agent in their neighborhood.  Have a fun adventure and make it profitable.  Cultivate a pipeline of regular activity by following our simple SYSTEM that averages at least 1 “real” buyer per event.

Keep your buyer pipeline filled month after month.  In this unique tell-all workshop, we will reveal how to create a successful event that attracts buyer prospects.  We’ll spill our secrets of how we advertise events, get sponsors, and get high quality prospects to attend.

Our buyer book, “Buy Your First Home” and our workbook, “Home of My Own” will be featured as tools you can use.

How to Host First Home Buyer Workshops

Identify Architectural Styles of Houses

So you’re out showing properties to your buyers, and they point at a house.  “We love that type of home,” they say, “what architectural style is it?”  Unsure about the differences between Early California and Spanish Mission style?  Learn major types of styles in your region to advise your buyers confidently.  And wouldn’t you like to impress your sellers by knowing more about their house than they do!  Be a pro that others can rely upon.

Acreage & Rural Property

Earn bigger commissions because acreage properties often sell for higher values than residential properties.  Go “off the grid” to places where your nav system won’t work… If you enjoy driving winding roads, working with friendly farm folks, and astounding views of rolling hills, then consider developing a specialty niche in rural properties.  We’ll cover the unique aspects of rural properties, including septic tanks and leach fields, propane tanks, water wells, and solar power.  Learn how to read topo maps, understand creative property descriptions, and decipher aerial photos.

Stack your Team with Great Vendor Partners

You might be amazed to discover that we use over 50 types of vendors in our real estate profession!  We’ll discuss the 25 types of internal vendors you need to add to your team of partners.  We’ll show you the 25 types of external vendors you need to refer your clients to.  Locate, interview, and select the best team partners who are vested in your success.  Monitor vendors to ensure they are representing your company in a professional manner.

Don’t you just hate when you’re looking at a listing in the MLS, and the photo is dark, blurry, or bad?  Don’t be one of those agents!  Give your best effort for your sellers by taking and posting high quality photos that get buyers excited to view your listing.  Examples of good, bad, & ugly photos.  Start your phone ringing with prospective buyers who see your eye-catching listing photos online.

Eye-Catching Photos that Sell Your Listings

Home Office for Maximum Effectiveness

eFiling System for your Paperless Office

Almost every agent has a home office, but it is effective?  We’ll discuss how to set up your home office to be more productive right away.  Find important docs at your fingertips, process transactions quicker, and protect confidential data.  Get back in control of your office so you don’t feel overwhelmed.  We will show you how to get set up.

Do you feel like you are drowning in paper?  Real estate transactions are extremely paperwork intensive.  Agents must guard private documents, sign contracts, and retain disclosures on file.  Set up your electronic filing system remove your paper problems.  File and find transactions, save backups, and protect data online.  Give a professional appearance of organization and eliminate the stress of searching for papers.  A paperless office allows you to work from your “freedom office” AWAY from your office and also to delegate office tasks to your assistant!

Close Sales from your Geographic Farm

Want to build a book of steady business and have transactions closing on a regular basis?  Do what the pros do: establish a geographic farm in your neighborhood.  We’ll discuss how to select a farm area, set up a campaign, and reach your prospects.  Learn how to become the community expert and have clients looking for YOU!

Do you ever wonder where the time goes?  At the end of each day, can you calculate how much money you made?

We’ll show you how to focus on money making activities and avoid “black holes” of wasted time, work more efficiently, and accomplish twice as much.  Put our accountability SYSTEM in place.  Set up your day in blocks of time for buyers, sellers, marketing, product knowledge, office management, career skills, and professional development.  Live your freedom lifestyle:  schedule your life first and then wrap your career around your life!

Scheduling / Calendar / Time Management

What’s your Exit Plan?

When do you plan to retire from your real estate career?  And how will you get there from here?  We’ll review various strategies for leaving your sales profession, and how to set yourself up for successful future income.  Plan purposefully in advance so you can direct your business the right way!

FOR PRE-LICENSEES ONLY.  You’re scheduled to take your real estate exam and you can’t wait to get your license!  How can you jump-start your real estate career while waiting?  We’ll show you over 30 ways to shift your career into high gear so you can start making money the FIRST day your license is issued.  We will discuss what you CAN and CANNOT do without a license, and the importance of joining your local Realtor® Association.

30 Ways to Get a Jump on Your Real Estate Career

Just got your license and not sure where to start?  Master the 30 basic skills in 30 days.  Get an overview of buyers, sellers, marketing, product knowledge, office management, career skills, and professional development.  Learn skills that often take years to master in the field through hands-on trial and error.  We will discuss how to find a mentor; and the importance of joining your local Realtor® Association.

Fast Start for Newbie Real Estate Agents


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