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Regina P Brown

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Learn the Lingo of Houses

“Learn the Lingo of Houses: Reference of Real Estate Terms for Today's Industry Professionals”


This guide is specially designed for real estate sales agents, home stagers, property managers, interior designers, and home inspectors. We hear a lot of unusual “house” words in our real estate industry. This book is a reference manual with real estate industry “catch phrases” in one handy guide. Our first 2014 version of this handy “lingo” guide lists house features and includes the following sections: architectural styles, gourmet kitchens, luxury bathrooms, windows, fences and gates, outdoor yard structures, and historic / vintage features. We define each term so it’s easy to understand. Check the appendix for a special section that contains a glossary of transaction terms and a chart with acronym definitions. You won’t find a more all-inclusive guide anywhere else.

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Articles Published in The San Diego Realtor® magazine


1) Know Your Backyard & Outdoor Structures, page 7

2) A View from the World of Windows, pages 6-7

3) Identify a House's Architectural Style with Ease - Part 1, page 6

4) Identify a House's Architectural Style with Ease - Part 2, page 7

5) Luxury Bathrooms - Creating an Oasis Without Breaking the Bank, page 7

6) Gates and Fences Don't Just Define Property Lines, page 7

7) Vintage Features of Historic Homes, page 7

8) The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home Can Be Gourmet, page 7

9) The Gourmet Kitchen: Everything and the Kitchen Sink, pages 7 and 14

10) Open the Door to Possibilities - Exterior Doors, pages 12-13

11) A Good Door Can Make All the Difference - Interior Doors, pages 12 & 25

12) Buyers Do Notice Tile - Recognize and Identify the Styles, Issues, pages 20-23

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