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Students Comments

What are students saying about Regina Brown?


Students Comments September 20, 2016 (Work/Life Balance Super Hero)

  • “Excellent, excellent coverage – thorough w/ real examples of ways to achieve work life balance – enthusiastic and real!”

  • “Great presentation – Regina is very motivational.”

  • “My favorite session so far.  This is exactly what I needed to move forward after retiring from the government.  I have been a Realtor® for 3 years but part-time.  This content will greatly help me transition to full time.”

  • “Very pleasant speaker who is clearly passionate about what she does.”

  • “Great – lots of resources to investigate.”

  • “I know that I know this material, but it is so extremely to continue reinforcing the material to be able to keep yourself organized.  This was presented in such a way that it is simple and efficient to apply to my career and my brokerage in a consistent manner.  Let’s make it easy!  Thank you!”

  • “Good class, fun & interactive.”

  • “Great workshop – Carlton was great too!!”

Students Comments September 20, 2016 (Quick Start for New Realtors®)

  • “Got a lot of good tips and suggestions.  Loved all the names of apps we could use.”

  • “She is confident & believe in what she is teaching!”

  • “Very good class – very informative on new tech tools.”

  • “Very helpful, very fast-paced.”

  • “Can’t wait to get e-mails on your presentation to supplement note taking.”         

  • “I was in the class to get more systems for new agents in our company that I am coordinating and teaching.”

Students Comments September 13, 2016 (Freedom Office)

  • “Very good speaker - Thank you!”

  • “Did you say we can get a free email from NAR?”

Students Comments September 13, 2016 (CRM Systems for Success)

  • “Realized my systems lack organization.”

  • “Please email me scripts to convert leads by text.”

Students Comments September 9, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina consistently encourages questions and thanks participants for asking questions.  All participants were kept engaged in the program.  Regina shared how to improve skills in a clear and concise manner."

  • "The training was very good."

  • "Loved the personalization and stories to help drive home learning."

  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  We think these are excellent seminars!"

  • "I enjoyed my instructor.  As a manager of 60+ I have instructed each of my employees to attend at least 2 SkillPath per year."

  • "Regina was excellent.  I learned a lot of valuable information.  Thank you Regina."

Students Comments May 4, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "I really enjoyed the seminar due to how Regina Brown presented the materials and made grammar easier to learn.  She gave wonderful tips & suggestions."

  • "Workshop was very helpful and provided great tools and tips to use in the future."

  • "I truly enjoyed Regina as a speaker."

  • "Very useful information.  I really recommend it.  Regina is very knowledgeable in this subject.  I understand it better and now know the difference in business writing."

  • "The instructor has a very pleasant demeanor."

  • "This is the third workshop I have attended, and I have had a good experience each time.  All instructors know the material well."

  • "Very well presented."

  • "Regina was very informative and humorous.  Enjoyed the training.  I enjoyed the Grammar Police."

  • "The workshop was informative, and the instructor was prepared, professional, and approachable."

  • "This class is really good for my learning process.  I learned a lot and I will implement this on my job."

  • "Overall, it was a great learning experience.  This will essentially be a positive benefit for my office use.  The books were a steal-deal!"


Students Comments May 2, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "Excellent training.  Keep class in “focus” & fun.  Regina – great teacher – kept class in active participation."

  • "Loved class, through years many basic things/styles had been forgotten."

  • "Regina was great!  Thank you for the extra handouts!  They’re super helpful and will come in handy at work.  I learned a lot from this session.  Thank you!!"

  • "Regina is really good.  She is upbeat and well-prepared.  I especially like her style of encouraging participation without intimidation.  Students felt engaged and interested."

  • "Great tools to take back to work."

  • "Regina was very pleasant, informative, and outstanding with all the information in this seminar.  She is great and fun to have!!!"

  • "Very helpful and engaging, thank you!"

  • "“Wave your magic wand.”  I enjoyed when she said this throughout the training.  She is a well-posed public speaker.  Well done Regina !!  Thank you!  P.S. It was so sweet her husband helped out greeting and cleaning up after the seminar.  Nice team!"

  • "Liked the helpful tips with grammar rules and writing tips."


Students Comments April 18, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "Wonderful class and instructor.  The program is such a great investment in yourself and worth every penny.  The trainer, Regina Brown, really inspired me to return to the joy of reading."

  • "Great workshop.  I learned more than I anticipated."

  • "The 12 most persuasive words; What’s in in for our readers; Vibrant vivid action verbs.  I will make copies and pass out to my co-workers.  Regina was outstanding!"

  • "Great content, very informative."

  • "Very helpful comprehensive review of basic writing skills and Word tips.  I appreciated the quick and practical information, especially the brief action plans and take-away tips after each section."

  • "I really like this seminar.  Very useful and interesting.  Day one: learned a lot.  Day two: more interesting.  I feel confident to write an email now.  Thank you!"

  • "I find the seminar helpful and interesting."



Students Comments April 12, 2016 (Niches: Your Ticket to Riches)

  • "Great class!  The class could be longer."

  • "Regina was a very energetic, easy-to-follow presenter.  I really enjoyed the presentation."

  • "Great energy and vocal projection/movement."

  • "The designation section was awesome!  Thanks!!!"


Students Comments March 10, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina was fabulous in her presentation.  She made it easy to stay engaged.  I took away a ton of useful information.  She made it exciting to learn!"

  • "Great class and a lot of useful information."

  • "Awesome.  The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know and how much I’ve forgotten."

  • "The workshop was very helpful."

  • "The workshop was interesting and informative.  I learned how to correct mistakes I was making to become a more effective writer.  Regina is a very energetic and enthusiastic instructor."

  • "I learned so much and look forward to implementing all of the amazing tools."

  • "Great class and instructor.  Got a lot of good content to take back with me."

  • "Regina is an engaging instructor.  I can tell she really enjoys what she teaches.  Very personable!"

  • "Very useful tips.  Will take back and use."

  • "Regina — two thumbs up!  She knows the subject matter.  Will definitely take more classes in the future."


Students Comments March 8, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "It was interesting and the instructor Regina was really nice and very outspoken.  She taught us almost everything we need to learn in writing and grammar."

  • "I love your class!!!"

  • "I have never purchased any material, but I was impressed with Regina’s class.  I do know these books purchased will help me with my writing."

  • "The writing examples and feedback are great.  The test and quizzes are also fun."


Students Comments February 18, 2016 (Generate Endless Leads for Real Estate)

  • "Regina Brown is amazing!  Great meeting today."

  • "Great speaker!!  Great job!!"

  • "I enjoyed this event.  The speaker was good and it was nice to meet Regina."


Students Comments February 10, 2016 (Business Writing - 2-day)

  • "Regina did a great job!  Thank you!"

  • "It was interesting and educational.  I really enjoyed and learned from it.  Thank you."

  • "Extremely entertaining, interesting, informative"

  • "I thought the content was great.  Regina’s presentation skills were engaging.  She was knowledgeable."

  • "Liked the speaker.


Students Comments February 8, 2016 (Business Writing - 2-day)

  • "Regina is an educated instructor who offered a great learning experience.  She shared useful and valuable information and provided several helpful resources.  Regina is a poised moderator with excellent voice inflection and body language."

  • "Regina was a great presenter.  She kept the class engaged. She provided great resources to take back to the office and put into use.  Thank you!"

  • "I learned a lot, or a great deal.  Thank you."

  • "Regina was easy to listen to and understand.  Learned a lot in a fun environment.  Thank you!"

  • "Really good seminar and very informative."


Students Comments January 19, 2016 (Business Writing - 2-day)

  • "Regina was great.  I learned a lot of skills I can take back to the office and use in everyday life."

  • "Really enjoyed it!!"

  • "Very informative, and would highly recommend this."

  • "Seminar was good."

  • "The workshop has been really helpful.  There is still a lot more to learn."


Students Comments January 7, 2016 (Business Writing)

  • "Wonderful and up-to-date material!"

  • "This seminar taught me to discover how to become a productive and effective writer.  Knowledge gained will help my company to be profitable."

  • "Regina was a wonderful speaker.  She lost her voice the second day and was a trooper.  Would recommend her."

  • "Regina is great!!"

  • "Good material, excellent trainer."


Students Comments December 3, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina demonstrated enthusiasm throughout the entire session."

  • "Excellent program leader.  Knows her topics very well.  Learned a lot today.  Thank you."

  • "The speaker was very informative and I enjoyed the training."

  • "Great useful information that I will be able to put into practice as soon as I get back in the office.  Lots of material, should be a 2-day seminar.  Good job Regina!!!"


Students Comments December 2, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Overall training was excellent."

  • "I found today’s seminar helpful."

  • "Very thorough."

  • "Great!"

  • "Very informative!"


Students Comments November 6, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina is an awesome teacher."

  • "The Microsoft tips were helpful.  The “grammar makeovers” made it more appealing and engaging.  I definitely feel Regina’s passion towards reading and writing through her engaging tone."

  • "Regina really wants her students to be prepared to write business reports, etc., effectively.  She goes above and beyond, providing useful handouts.  She really cares about her students."


Students Comments November 5, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Thank you for valuable words and useful information."

  • "Excellent presentation!  Very useful / applicable!  Exceeded expectations by far!"

  • "Would like to thank you for your expertise and all of your great tips."

  • "Regina was very helpful and had a great course set up for the students.  Best seminar that I’ve attended in a long time."


Students Comments November 4, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Learned a lot of great information today.  Regina is a great presenter.  Good job!"

  • "The workshop was excellent."

  • "I really enjoyed the workshop, it is my first but I hope to attend more.  Book prices reasonable, thank you."

  • "The trainer added personal tips and handouts & demonstrated advanced Word software features that were very valuable."

  • "Professional speaker — first one who followed book and learned."


Students Comments November 3, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "I liked the overall energy Regina brought.  She kept my attention."

  • "This workshop is perfect for those who are at the beginning stages of business writing.  A lot of my supervisory staff should have been here for this great information."

  • "I did appreciate the shortcuts and handouts!"

  • "Regina was very good at explaining things.  I appreciated the extra tips and information she gave us."


Students Comments November 2, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "The instructor was great.  She explained everything in simple terms that were easy to relate to."

  • "Very informative"

  • "Great subject, good introduction to the subject"

  • "This course is interesting."

  • "Everything was great!"


Students Comments October 21, 2015 (Policy & Procedure Manuals)

  • "The resources were useful.  I did like that it was a small group."

  • "Thank you!"


Students Comments October 20, 2015 (Policy & Procedure Manuals)

  • "Enjoyed the examples and materials used in class.  The small class size was a benefit.  The group participated and had great conversations."

  • "Regina did an excellent job presenting the course content.  Regina truly demonstrates her care and commitment to training."

  • "I really enjoyed today’s seminar and received a lot of information to apply to my job.  Regina did an excellent job."


Students Comments October 19, 2015 (Policy & Procedure Manuals)

  • "Great instructor – great material."

  • "I thought the seminar was very interesting.  The info on working MS word was excellent."

  • "This is my second SkillPath seminar and I am finding the seminars are very informative with useful tools and suggestions provided."

  • "Helpful, informative"

  • "Much more engaging than I anticipated!"

  • "The information was helpful in many different aspects.  This was not just HR or managers.  The resources were icing on the cake!"


Students Comments September 21, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Great workshop.  I look forward to continuous improvement of myself."

  • "Regina made the class very relatable to real life situations.  She kept everyone involved."

  • "It was interesting, very interactive."

  • "This is useful information that I can take back with me to the office.  It will help me to write more clearly and covey my message in a way that should hopefully provide the results needed."

  • "Loved the cheat sheets."

  • "Regina is delightful & a very good instructor!!  Kept everything upbeat and has a lovely personality!  Great Tips!  Thank you."

  • "Enjoyed Regina’s teaching."

  • "Instructor is very knowledgeable and interactive.  Thank you for providing us with cheat sheets and tools to help us!"

  • "Tips are very helpful."


Students Comments September 10, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina is very passionate about this subject and it shows from her enthusiasm.  She uses various methods to teach and kept the flow going."

  • "Overall this was a great seminar and I am taking a lot with me.  I will be using what I have learned when I return to the office and in my personal life.  Thank you for making the “AC” situation better."

  • "Well presented material."

  • "Great seminar!  Slow start on Day 1 with basic grammar rules, but I understand the necessity.  Day 2 was very informative.  Overall presentation was very informative and well-presented."

  • "I enjoyed the content of this seminar.  Regina was great!"


Students Comments September 8, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina was excited and kept our attention from beginning to end.  Regina answered questions, provided extra tips, shared stories, and even gave hints with Microsoft Word.  Thank you, and I look forward to more seminars."

  • "I enjoyed the training, I learned some very helpful tips that I plan to incorporate every day."

  • "Good content, learned new techniques on proofreading, rewording message for positive tone."

  • "Instructor was great.  She knew her subject very well."

  • "The best part of training was punctuation.  Full session of this class was excellent.  I also enjoyed the mind mapping session 100%."

  • "Great experience!"

  • "Excellent speaker, good job!"

  • "Class is informative."

  • "Regina was an excellent instructor, clear and precise — enjoyed the 2-day seminar immensely!  Thank you!"


Students Comments September 2, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Enjoyed it.  Regina was a great teacher and related well to all of us  Thank you!  I will be taking some additional training in the near future."

  • "Excellent teacher, enthusiastic and thorough!  Would highly recommend Regina."

  • "Learning all over again the English language and how to write business letters.  Knowing what to write and what words not to use.  Setting goals to grab the attention of your reader."

  • "Very informative!  Thank you!"

  • "SkillPath has always provided wonderful instructions, and Regina was no exception.  In fact, she was the best one and did a wonderful job instructing this course."

  • "It was a great experience.  I learned enough to take back to work and use.  Will be using SkillPath again.  Thank you!"

  • "Very useful information.  A lot of areas that I struggle with so the information is very helpful."

  • "I enjoyed the workshop.  The information I received is valuable and I can’t wait to incorporate the tips when I return to work.  I also appreciate Regina was always excited about the information she shared."

  • "There were great grammar mistakes addressed and reviewed.  Also, I took away many helpful tips to take back to the office and implement."

  • "Really enjoyed the class!!"

  • "Every office person needs this class!  Thank you Regina!  Great class."


Students Comments August 31, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "I learned a lot from this course.  It was more than I expected.  Regina kept my attention during both days.  I will recommend this course to friends and co-workers."

  • "Very interesting — learned a lot — thanks"

  • "Regina did great!  Great seminar!"

  • "Great job!  Regina is very approachable and provides great tips and examples to improve communications."

  • "Liked the cadence of the class overall."


Students Comments May 8, 2015 (Excel)

  • "In just one day, I learned so much from attending your workshop.  Fast – easy – very informative in my daily operations.  Thank you."

  • "I learned a lot.  Very useful information."

  • "Excellent speaker – no pauses or annoyances!"

  • "I have learned a lot.  Now work/practice to do!  Thank you!"


Students Comments May 7, 2015 (Excel)

  • "Good job!  You made it really easy for me to understand!  Thanks."

  • "It was great.  I learned a lot and I liked the way my instructor taught."

  • "Regina was very organized and prepared.  The way she built up from easy to complex worked well.  Also liked the way she used the tabs as topics."

  • "Learned a lot of useful, quick tips and shortcuts."

  • "The additional handouts will be useful."

  • "Great workshop for learning shortcuts."

  • "I thought the class was very useful.  The instructor was great and stayed on topic.  She knew her curriculum and gave additional tips and tricks."

  • "I like how organized the class was and on topic with all that Excel can do.  The teacher was very knowledgeable and easy to understand.  She worked at a good pace."


Students Comments May 6, 2015 (Excel)

  • "As a small business owner, I found this class to be very helpful."


Students Comments May 5, 2015 (Excel)

  • "It’s worth the drive!  Good class."

  • "Regina is great!"

  • "Perhaps too much information!  But good!"

  • "Overall good info.  I will use the info in book supplied and notes taken."

  • "Regina was a good instructor."

  • "Regina does a great job; engaging & helpful."

  • "For me, Excel isn’t the most exciting part of my job, but this training was very helpful and easy to follow."

  • "Great training."

  • "Very good instruction!  Good delivery, very knowledgeable."


Students Comments May 4, 2015 (Excel)

  • "Very good info and short cuts."

  • "Thank you Regina for answering my questions."

  • "It was very helpful."

  • "Overall good training."


Students Comments April 30, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Great course.  Learned a lot."

  • "Great workshop."

  • "Regina is a good instructor.  She provided a lot of very helpful information.  I’ve learned a lot of great tips from Regina.  Those tips will greatly help improve my written communication.  Thank you."


Students Comments April 28, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina was awesome!"

  • "Very impressed with the delivery.  Step by step information and easy to understand.  Was very positive." 

  • "I learned the material best due to the intermittent practical application exercises."

  • "The group discussion kept things interesting and made me think, concentrating on the material content.  I enjoyed learning to apply the techniques while they were best taught and fresh on my mind."

  • "Very good class."

  • "I love this seminar; it's fun and easy.  I can guarantee to apply the knowledge gained and to improve my business writing skills.  Excellent!"

  • "The seminar was informative."

  • "Regina is very professional.  I will use the information.  Great course.  Thank you."

  • "Great class.  I learned and it was very informative."


Students Comments April 17, 2015 (Policy Manual)

  • "Great length, covered everything necessary.  Regina really knows her stuff!"

  • "Really enjoyed this informative workshop — thank you.  The instructor was wonderful!"

  • "Enriching, motivating, useful"

  • "Great instructor and good information."

  • "Regina was very knowledgeable, thorough, and she impactfully provided us with relevant information to develop policies & procedures."

  • "A boring subject made surprisingly interesting.  Very informative, well presented."

  • "Overall, the class as very informative."


Students Comments April 10, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Today was great & Regina made the subject matter fun & engaged us."

  • "Regina provided excellent tips.  I enjoyed the grammar makeovers."

  • "Very useful workshop/seminar.  I’ve learned many tips on writing effectively.  I found this to be extremely beneficial."

  • "Regina was excellent."

  • "Appreciated Regina’s additional material and handouts."

  • "Regina is very knowledgeable about the subject."

  • "Very interesting subjects to apply at work."

  • "Regina was great.  This class is very informative."

  • "Loved the “That Was Easy” button!"

  • "Regina is awesome."


Students Comments April 9, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "The course and instructor were very engaging.  I have learned tips & techniques to be a more persuasive writer professionally.  Thanks for the opportunity."

  • "Enjoyed class and have lots of great take-aways (Grammar Guide, short cuts, writing emails, etc.)"

  • "Well done.  Good overview of topics."

  • "The emphasis on how important an email structure is was never taught, so this workshop gave me the template to use so my emails get read and action taken on them."

  • "Great class.  Very helpful.  I learned a lot of things I never knew about."


Students Comments April 1, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina is very informative and gives an excellent presentation.  I am leaving today feeling like I truly learned something."

  • "This course material is well organized and Regina is an excellent instructor.  She made a course that can be easily dry and boring very interesting.  Good job!"

  • "Regina is a very good instructor.  The course will set the standard for a long time in the future."

  • "Many useful tips to apply in real life."

  • "Enjoyed Regina’s knowledge."


Students Comments March 30, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Regina is passionate about business writing and it shows."

Students Comments March 20, 2015 (Microsoft Excel)

  • "Regina did a great job with the Excel workshop."

  • "Enjoyed the presentation overall you were great."

  • "As it progressed, I picked up on the topics more clearly."

  • "Lots of useful info.  Instructor was very knowledgeable."

  • "So much to learn.  Regina is very knowledgeable."

  • "Excellent!  Amazing amount of info in a short time."

  • "Overall I thought it was a great workshop."

  • "Very informative and useful tips."

  • "Regina Brown - great instructor for today's workshop."

  • "Excellent content.  Very good speaker.  Enjoyed the class."

  • "Very useful information learned!!"

  • "Good workshop."

  • "Very useful and I have gained lots of information, more than I first came in this morning."

  • "I will recommend this workshop to people who know and don't know about Excel.  It is a wonderful learning experience and beyond."


Students Comments February 11, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "I have attended many seminars and felt this was one of the best so far.  It expanded my skills.  Instructor was very fluent and knowledgeable about everything she presented."

  • "Great workshop & very informative.  Many useful tricks to use.  Awesome leader."

  • "The workshop was very helpful for my position.  The presenter was dynamic and interesting!  Thank you."

  • "Great!  Thanks for the help."

  • "Regina did a great job.  Very useful information."


Students Comments February 9, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "This was a great refresher on writing in the business world."

  • "The instructor (Regina) very patient instructor!"

  • "Regina was very informative on the material and the items for sale.  Very understanding of each person’s goals and reasons to attend the seminar.  Thank you for your help."

  • "Regina knows the material well and gave great examples.  The additional tips and resources were very helpful.  Regina shows passion in the subject and teaching others  I greatly appreciated the opportunity to grow and learn with her."

  • "Regina was very informative, added humor, kept the class interesting, kept the class involved, including myself, who rarely like to participate."

  • "Content and information was all relevant and the instructor also seemed very knowledgeable."


Students Comments January 22, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "I love your workshops.  They have helped quite a bit in my job and making more opportunities for me to gain."

  • "Gained knowledge and enjoyed it very much."

  • "Very helpful and great reminder on how to write better.  I’m grateful for not having to be put on the spot when reviewing answers."

  • "The content of this workshop will be very helpful to me."

  • "Learned writing skills that I was not aware of."

  • "The workshop was very easy to follow.  I’m taking great tips with me.  Things that I didn’t know.  Thank you."


Students Comments January 20, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Love the handouts Regina provided.  I appreciated the visual examples."

  • "Learned some great tools to utilize in my written communication for business or personal writing."

  • "It was very good and helpful a lot."

  • "Excellent presentation, very nice Facilitator.  Thank you so much for everything."

  • "Nice course."

  • "Learned a lot of good tricks and tools to use in everyday writing at the office."

  • "Excellent instructor!"


Students Comments January 8, 2015 (Business Writing)

  • "Good flow of material.  Quick group exercise and don’t waste time, yet get the information.  Like cheat sheets to take back to the office with opportunity to customize for my office."

  • "Very powerful, filled with wonderful tools & practical tips to increase my production & professionalism."

  • "Helpful, practical and concise.  The additional material, resources and insight provided by Regina are invaluable."

  • "Regina Brown is extremely knowledgeable in this subject matter.  I have found this workshop to be helpful and will definitely be able to use what I have learned."

  • "Very useful.  Learned a lot that can help me be successful within my company.  Looking forward to attending more classes to further my knowledge.  Great speaker and presentations."


Students Comments November 21, 2014 (Business Writing)

  • "Very simple yet useful techniques for improving my writing skills.  Looking forward to applying what I learned back at the office."

  • "Regina was excellent."

  • "Mrs. Regina Brown was a very good program leader.  I feel she gave a clear and understanding training presentation.  I have never been in a training seminar where the program leader actually passed out tips/guides to reference & learn."


Students Comments September 4, 2014 (Business Writing)

  • "I found the resources provided very helpful."

  • "Workshop was very helpful.  Really enjoyed instructor, made it very enjoyable."

  • "Made very easy and fun to understand business writing skills."

  • "It was very awesome class.  Regina was very informative with all information.  Enjoyed the handout to take back with me."

  • "I really enjoy your class and I have learned a lot.  Thank you."


Students Comments September 2, 2014 (Business Writing)

  • "Great leader!  She was very knowledgeable."

  • "Excellent resource for more effective writing in the workplace.  I appreciated the simplicity in the approach and the encouragement to work smarter, not harder."

  • "The business writing workshop was very insightful.  I learned things here, I never learned in school."

  • "I enjoyed every minute!  Very interactive.  I especially found the resource table very interesting.  The ability to touch, feel, and peruse the resources is extremely helpful."

  • "Enjoyed the workshop.  Looking forward to begin using what I learned."

  • "Program leader is REALLY nice / well caring."


Students comments June 13, 2014 (Business Writing)

  • “Good content, great examples.”

  • “Was great!  Thank you.”

  • “Informative & helpful”

  • “It was great!  Really learned a ton.  Thank you!”

  • “Excellent!  A+ super presenter”

  • “What is there not to like about this workshop?  I refreshed my skills and learned several great tips!  Thank you, Regina”


Students comments June 12, 2014 (Business Writing)

  • “Regina was extremely organized & knowledgeable.”

  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable and gave excellent examples on the various subjects.”

  • “Engaging and more interesting than I imagined.  Would recommend to others.”

  • “I enjoyed the workshop.  The information presented is meaningful and Regina provided lots of samples I could relate to.  Also, I appreciated the interaction.  It kept me engaged & interested.”

  • “I thought that the workshop was very informative.  It made me realize that we may need to restructure our annual customer information letter.  Great tips!”

  • “Positive information.”

  • “Today I learned much more than I first expected.  The class is affordable and well worth the time.”

  • “Good information in easy to understand terms.”

Students comments June 11, 2014 (Business Writing)

  • “Overall, this was a great workshop and very informative.”

  • “Workshop was well organized.  Instructor used clear examples to show how writing can be improved and explained the improvements.”

  • “Many eye-opening tips were provided that I cannot wait to put into practice.  Instructor made learning fun in covering material.”

  • “Very detailed.  Very outgoing and shared information to the best of our knowledge.”

  • “Excellent in my opinion.”

  • “Very helpful.”

  • “This was very informative, the day went by fast.”

Students comments June 6, 2014 (Excel)

  • “Great tips & numerous – very helpful.”

  • “Great variety in speaking tone – keeps interesting & impressed with answering questions from audience.”

  • “Lots of great info.  Great instructor.  Overall great!”

Students comments June 5, 2014 (Excel)

  • “Thank you for providing this training!  Very good information!”

  • “Gives the info you need for day to day office use of Excel plus extras.  Great tips!”

  • “Overall knowledge and content good.”

  • “I like the flow of the day.  She stayed on task.  Comments from attendees did not disrupt the flow.  I really appreciate that.”

  • “Lots of useful tips – well worth the time!”

  • “Regina is very knowledgeable and friendly!”

  • “I plan to sign up for a lot more of these courses!”

Student comments June 4, 2014 (Excel)

  • “I am new to Excel and Regina made it easy to understand.  Thank you.”

Student comments June 3, 2014 (Excel)

  • “Quite revealing and explanatory”

  • “Great instructor – knowledge, pace.  Thank you Gina!  Love your knowledge of Excel!”


Student comments May 12, 2014

  • "A lot of take-aways… I enjoyed the class from start to finish."

  • "Excellent seminar.  Very relative and current information.  Appreciated additional tips on writing more efficiently (Word examples, handouts).  Very knowledgeable and interesting instructor.  Would highly recommend this seminar."

  • "We loved Regina, she was very informative and sweet."

  • "The instructor had excellent examples.  I enjoyed and appreciated all her stories and examples."

  • "Seminar was great!"

  • "Teacher was very knowledgeable – did a good job.  A lot of information in a short period of time."

  • "Everything was great.  Instructor was great!  Flexible with people’s time."

  • "Great workshop – learned lots of great tips."

  • "I enjoyed the workshop."

  • "The instructor was very sweet and helpful.  I appreciate that she kept the class interesting."


Student comments May 8, 2014

  • "Regina is great. The most interesting thing was she kept the class engaged. The handouts that she provided will come to good use."

  • "Thank you for all the good tips & examples."

  • "Ms. Regina Brown has been very informative in providing tips and shortcuts to things that otherwise would require a lot of reading and summarizing. Extremely useful. Will be delighted to take her class again."

  • "Regina did a great job."


Student comments May 6, 2014

  • "The instructor gave us many tips that I highly recommend."

  • "Regina did an amazing job!!! She didn’t just read out of the workbook, she had great handouts and provided tons of extra information. My workbook is FULL of notes!! Thank you Regina!!"

  • "Regina is a GREAT instructor! Keeps the content interesting. Added some VERY knowledgeable information. The course served as a great refresher!"

  • "Regina Brown utilized funny, quirky tips that are going to help me remember what I learned."

  • "This instructor gave some handouts which will be valuable."

  • "Presenter was good and very logical. Good seminar to refresh writing skills."

  • "I felt this was a great training, so much information. I look forward to using this information when I get back to the office."

  • "Regina is a great instructor."

  • "Information was valuable without being too lengthy."

  • "It was good and I enjoyed the speaker’s presentation."

  • "I thought the class was a great learning experience. It really brought me back to my college days. Thanks, Regina!"

  • "Instructor was very clear & fun! Kept me tuned in. It was nice to refresh my memory."

  • "I am able to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my daily duties. There were many examples that Ms. Brown brought forth that will eliminate or reduce time I spend on writing assignments given by my boss."

  • "Regina is good at trying to get us engaged and participating. She is knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions and give examples. Although most contents are learned before, it’s always nice to refresh and learn more recent information."

  • "The information give in the class was helpful. Interaction with the instructor and the class kept the seminar interesting & fun. "

  • "Great content and relevant tips provided. Info can be used immediately when I return to work. Resources offered are fabulous. Thank you for offering this course."


Student comments April 30, 2014

  • "Regina did a great job and made it exciting."

  • "It was very educational. Regina was very knowledgeable."

  • "Regina encouraged us to review skillpath books while on site, which I think is great for marketing and shows her faith in the products. I appreciate that she provided us with additional materials above and beyond my expectation. Materials are Regina’s Word Advanced Tips, Shortcuts, Grammar Guide, and Style Guide."

  • "Interesting, good tips, & advice."

  • "This was a “grate” class and it will help me at work. (humorous)"

  • "Instructor Regina is very knowledgeable. She provided lots of good tips. Overall it is a good class. I would recommend others to take this class."


Student comments April 28, 2014

  • "It was a learning experience, very insightful."

  • "I think I need to come to more workshops."

  • "Regina is very knowledgeable."

  • "Regina is an absolutely amazing instructor! She’s highly knowledgeable about the subject areas and knows just how to keep the class interested & engaged! I thoroughly enjoyed the class & would definitely recommend it to other people, especially if Regina is the instructor."

  • "Overall, the seminar had a lot of great information that I will take and apply to my daily work."


Student comments April 11, 2014

  • "Regina was great! Really knows her technical stuff! I learned some great tips!"

  • "This was one of the most valuable/useful seminar I have attended. I feel like I will be able to return to work on Monday with new skills that will make a difference! Thank you!"

  • "A lot of useful/interesting information was shared."

  • "Good information – helpful – very knowledgeable instructor"

  • "Regina is a good presenter with a solid background."

  • "Thanks for the tips!!!"

  • "I found the information covered will be useful in my job. I am glad I attended."


Student comments April 10, 2014

  • "Great presentation and informative. Impressive background for subject & resources."

  • 'Very good info."

  • "I liked the instructor’s enthusiasm, she kept the class engaged in the topics."

  • "I really liked Regina. Great presenter! Great work!"

  • "Good workshop."

  • "Outstanding information. Excellent program leader."


Student comments April 9, 2014

  • "Clear, concise, relevant information. Very useful tips that can be used in a variety of work areas."

  • "Very relevant, course was described well and met my needs and expectations."

  • "Ms. Brown is a very engaging speaker and brings great real-world examples to assist with participant learning."

  • "Enjoyed the class. Brought many insights into approaching the process more productively."


Student comments April 8, 2014

  • "Spectacular tools for P&P… and extra experiential tips!"

  • "Good workshop! Love the tips."



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