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Regina P Brown


Regina P. Brown, author, instructor, speaker, trainer for the following topics: Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Writing.

Reserve Your Copy of House Lingo Book Today


By Regina P. Brown


Our newest edition of “Learn the Lingo of Houses” is due to be released later this month and we’ve had requests from real estate professionals who are eager to get their hands on a copy!


The 3rd annual edition of this encyclopedia reference is new for 2016. It has 250 new terms and illustrations so you can understand the terms used in your real estate business. “Learn the Lingo of Houses: Reference of Real Estate Terms for Today’s Industry Professionals” delivers a knockout punch like no other reference guide. See what amazon reviewers are saying:


“It's amazing that no other Real Estate Agent has written a book like this. Thank you Regina for making our industry better by collecting all the real estate language in one book. This will be a must read for my agents. I have already used it as a reference. Can't thank you enough!” ~ Tristan Ahumada, Real Estate Broker at Tristan and Associates (Malibu CA)


“Regina has hit the nail on the head with this book. The lingo explained in here will truly help your buyers and sellers understand the way the industry operates, and allow them to be in-the-know when they are in the midst of the largest financial transaction of their lives.” ~ Nick Baldwin, The Baldwin Dream Team at Keller Williams Realty (Montclair NJ)


“I've been selling real estate for over 13 years and was surprised to learn how much I didn't know about basic real estate definitions. What was even more surprising is what my clients thought of It after I gave it to them to review. They loved it. Fantastic resource for consumers and for realtors.” ~ David Fresquez, CEO & Founder at My Real Estate Buddy (San Diego CA)


“Keep this classic in your top desk drawer! "Wow" your prospects and clients with your knowledge of real estate. This book will help you in your journey to becoming the top of mind agent in your market. I recommend this book for any agent who's working to build a long career in real estate sales!” ~ Michael Oden, CMO at New Horizon Financial Service (Atlanta GA)


“Every agent should have this awesome resource for real estate agents... Many of us mislabel or misidentify features of a home in our property descriptions, well with this book we have no excuse for mistakes. This is a "must have" for every agent, broker, appraiser, and any other real estate professional.” ~ Josh Montgomery, Keller Williams Realty Pacific Estates (Long Beach CA)


“Regina has assembled the ultimate reference guide that will come in handy for both new and seasoned real estate professionals — agents, loan officers, escrow, title, transaction coordinators and anyone else in the industry. As a real estate marketing consultant and sales coach I recommend this book to my clients!!” ~ Noah Mandel, Coach and Founder at Winning Agent (San Diego CA)


Real estate pros: do you want a copy hot off the press? Message me with your email address and you will get an alert when the very first copy is published!


























P.S. The current 2015 version is available and will be available until the end of January. Both kindle digital ebook and printed book are here:



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