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Do you have a message that people need to hear?

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Regina P Brown

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Looking to publish your book with a traditional book publisher? is a free site with a database of over 1000 traditional book publishers who are currently accepting submissions.  Self-publishing press and vanity publishers are not included. For more information go to  Thanks to the National Writers Association for this this hot tip!





Writing a Blog that Gets Responses!


What is effective writing?  Effective writing means saying everything that needs to be said… and nothing that doesn’t!


Before Writing


  1. You need a message!

  2. What’s your inspiration?

  3. Get out of the office!
    a.  Enjoy an interesting life
    b.  Observe people & situations
    c.  Discover your surroundings

  4. Jot down notes when the inspiration/idea hits you

  5. Think “what if?”


5 Steps


  1. Brainstorm

  2. Group

  3. Write

  4. Organize

  5. Transitions




  1. Opening (top bun)

  2. Overview (veggies & cheese)

  3. Main Points (the meat)

  4. Summary (condiments)

  5. Closing (bottom bun)


Transitional Words


  • Comparison: “likewise”, “in comparison”

  • Contrast: “but”, “yet”, “still”

  • Time: “later”, “meanwhile”, “then”, “when”

  • Sequence: “first”, “second”, “third”, “next”, “after”

  • Consequence: “because”, “since”, “as a result”

  • Summary: “in conclusion”, “finally”,Restate the points



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